Turismo en Haro

Tourism in Haro

TouryHaro is an Association of Tourist Service providers of Haro and its surroundings. It offers information and accessibility of wine tourism, cultural, sports and entertainment experiences to enjoy the resources in wine tourism and surroundings.

TouryHaro is the ideal springboard to travel to La Rioja, live experiences and active leisure activities, learn the keys to use in the senses, merging wine tasting and sensory pleasure in a framework of existing services.

With the offer of available service companies, the level of tourist services in this area of ​​La Rioja is diversified and strengthened. The activities of the people who are part of TouyHaro show how surprising, fun and interesting an experiential tourism could really become, showing the identity and essence of this magical environment and its customs.

Wine tourism, accommodation, culture, entertainment, nature, wines, gastronomy, etc. in the westernmost area of La Rioja.

Our vision

We disclose –in the framework of the singular areas– experiential services and activities to tourists that will satisfy them beyond their expectations; with personalized attention thanks to qualified professionals, attentive and passionate about their work.

We will join forces to develop the potential of the area, through diversification with unique and exclusive proposals that attract tourists. Using emotions and leaving an anecdotal and positive memory.

An immersive environment from the complicity and proactivity of the members of the association. Sensitized with sustainable tourism that will further gratify the stay and its residents, creating a common good and promoting the sector.

Nuestra visión

Mission and Values

We are a multidisciplinary team, whose objective is to promote with exclusive personalized services the entire western La Rioja area, so abundant in tourist, landscape, climatic and cultural resources through responsible and sustainable tourism. Respectful with the residents, who make known the charms of a unique vineyard territory in the world.

It is very important that tourists discover a differentiated service in terms of attention and excellence, to which we will be committed from this association, as good, well-trained and proactive professionals, motivated and proud of our natural enclaves and values.

In collaboration with

Gobierno de La Rioja
Haro Turismo